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Baron at 1 week old - he is now almost 2 and is so quiet - he will start training this spring. He is the calmest  foal I have ever met.


Drought dispersal sale! Since we are having our worst drought in history - no reasonable offer on these wonderful, smooth, athletic foxtrotters will be refused!

Featured horses - please check back each month for your favorites - it may be your lucky month!


                                                                                             Precious - MFTHBA, PtHA & SSHBEA - quiet, sweet - $2,500 this month! Precious has been sold.



Both World Grand Champions...                         Precious - SMOOTH trail horse - $2500!                Indy - out of RWC Mare and WC Stallion


 It is our mission to breed the perfect horse...

one that a child or amateur rider can win on at show jumping or any versatility event, take on a nice slow trail ride, compete at endurance when you want to go fast -  and at the end of the day -  give your child a lesson on him. In order to accomplish this - we breed only the best to the best. We have two World Grand Champion stallions with wins in multiple different breeds and disciplines, that we breed to Top 10 in the World or better champion mares - to create the best of the best. You won't find any broodmares here. Dr. Alexandra Cooper says of Leo, Pride, Princess, JAKS & Ms. T - "These are the perfect horses for children to jump - they are effortless to ride, they stop and turn on a dime and they take care of their rider. They are not so huge as to be intimidating, they are willing, kind and a pleasure to jump - and we win consistently at the USEF and Open Jumping shows. I firmly believe that these Foxtrotters, Spotted Saddle Horses and Pintos will be the future of the jumping horse. For us moms that want their child to have a safe jumping horse that can grow with you even up to open jumping    these are the horses for you. The best part being that you can ride them too   they are safe for any rider - that is their greatest gift   their kind temperament and desire to take care of you. "

Proud home of Leo and Pride - our wonderful stallions - father and son - both World Grand Champions.

Leo is the first horse in history to win 3 different breed World Championships in all 3 divisions - Youth, Amateur and Open (Pinto, MFTHBA & SSHBEA).

He has also won more USEF competitions in Jumping, Hunter over Fences and English Pleasure than any Foxtrotter os Spotted Saddle Horse in history.

He is the 2010 Pinto OCAP Horse of The Year in Jumping, Hunter Over Fences and Team Penning

Congratulations to Leo and Stephanie Trem for winning the 2011 Pinto Amateur World Jumping Championship & Ashley and Princess for winning the Youth World Jumping Championship. Also Ali for winning 2 Reserve World Championships in the Flag Race on Leo and the Keyhole race on Princess & Ash for winning 2 Reserve World Championships in the Flag race and Keyhole race on Princess! It is possible that Leo may be the first horse in history to win 3 different breed World Championships - does anyone know of any horse that has done this?                                                                                                                                                      

Click on picture below to see the gang compete at the 2011 Pinto World Championship -

pinto world show banner


Shaker's Living Legend at 1 day old                Princess winning the 4'-4'3" division                Shaker's Jamaican Pride -

Click on the picture above to see him  &         Championship at Chagrin Falls (Click on           2009 World Jumping Champion

Ashley standing on Summer                             the picture above)                                          2010 SSHBEA World Youth & High Jumping Champion

Legend is out of Summer and Leo                                                                                          2010 SSHBEA World Grand Champion Overall High Point Stallion 

                                                                                                                                           2011 Pinto (PtHA) Amateur World Jumping Champion                        



Please click on picture of Leo and Ali above to watch a compilation video from 2011


Congratulations to Ali, Ash, Leo and Pride for winning SSHBEA World Grand Champions in 2010!

Congratulations to Leo and Pride for winning 2010 Pinto OCAP Team Penning Horse of The Year!

Congratulations to Ali and Leo for winning 2010 Pinto OCAP Horse of the Year in Jumping & Hunter Over Fences!




For some reason my hosting service is asking for a password for these videos - I will correct this soon I hope!

Leo winning the SSHBEA Overall High Point World Grand Championship Stallion for WMV (24MB)

Leo Winning The World Jumping Championship Video - Part 1 for WMV (15MB) - Best Video on Website

Leo Winning The World Jumping Championship Video- Part 2 for WMV (20MB) - Footage From the World Show.

Pride Jumping 4'2" after 6 months under saddle and Leo giving kids lessons(22mb for WMV)

Princess Jumping 4'5" after 5 weeks of Jumping (A MUST SEE) 30mb

The gang competing at the Pinto World Championship for you tube

HOME OF - Shaker's Jamaican Pride (Leo) and Shaker's Spotted Pride (Pride)

2011 Leo is the Pinto PtHA Amateur World Jumping Champion

2011 Princess is the Pinto PtHA Youth World Jumping Champion

2011 Leo received his ROM from the Pinto Horse Association for the Flag Race

2010 - Leo and Pride tied for 1st place Pinto (PtHA) OCAP Team Penning Horse of the Year

2010 - Leo and Dr. Cooper won the Pinto (PtHA) OCAP Horse of the Year for Jumping and Hunter Over Fences

2010 - Leo received his PtHA (Pinto Association) OCAP Certificate of Merit in the Open Division for Jumping

2010 - Leo won the SSHBEA OIP (Outreach Incentive Program) Category High Point for both Stadium Jumping and Hunter Pleasure.

2010 - After 3 months under saddle and being started at 11 years old - Pride won his 1st World Championship at the SSHBEA Sport Horse World Championship

2010 - Pride won SSHBEA Sport Horse Overall High Point RESERVE World Champion - coming in 2nd to his son Leo with Dr. Alexandra Cooper.

2010- Leo won the SSHBEA Sport Horse Overall High Point World Grand Champion Stallion with Dr. Alexandra Cooper

2010 - Leo won the SSHBEA Open World High Jumping Championship with Dr. Alexandra Cooper

2010 - Leo won the SSHBEA Youth World Jumping Championship with Ashley Bradshaw

2010 - Leo - has won more USEF competitions than any other horse in MFTHBA and SSHBEA history with Dr. Alexandra Cooper

2010 - The first MFTHBA in history to win 3 Division Championships and 7 - 1st Places at a USEF Show in ANY division. (Leo was 4 years old).

2010 -  In 5 open jumping shows he won 18 first places, 10 division championships, 8 -2nd places, 22-top 5's and 5 top 10's        (USEF "B"   "AA" and open shows).

2009 - Top 10 in the World Overall Open Versatility Champion (MFTHBA).

2010 - 6th in the PtHA (Pinto) Overall High Point Versatility in his division.

2009 World Jumping Champion - Shaker's Jamaican Pride (Leo)

2010 3 Division Champion - USEF  Class B Jumping Show - (Leo)

2009 Reserve World Jumping Champion - J.A.K.S.

2009 Reserve Hunter Over Fences World Champion - Ms. T.

2009 Reserve World Champion Hunter Hack - J.A.K.S

2009 Top 10 in the World Overall Amateur Versatility - Princess

2009 Top 10 in the World Barrels, Poles and Stakes Race - Shaker's Jamaican Pride

2009 Top 10 in the World Overall Open Versatility horse - J.A.K.S & Shaker's Jamaican Pride

2009 Gaited Gala Champions of Hunter Over Fences, Hunter Hack, Poles and Overall Versatility High Point Champion (Ms. T, J.A.K.S. & Leo)

*2009 MFTHBA National Spring Show Top 10 Championship Stallions and Geldings 3 Years and Over (Shaker's Jamaican Pride) (Leo)

*2009 MFTHBA National Spring Show Champion and reserve Champion for Hunter Over Fences and reserve Champion Hunter Hack as well as many top 5 and top 10's (J.A.K.S., Leo and MS T)

*2009 Blue Ribbon Class A Jumping show - 1st Place Power Jumping (Ms T), 2nd Place Speed Jumping (JAKS) and top 10 Power Jumping (Leo)

Thank you to Ali Cooper, Jessica Drysdale and Cheryl Brock for their tireless efforts, practice and amazing training to win these events at the World Championship Show. There is nothing easy about preparing for a show like this - it is 14 hour days of back breaking work every day and you all really stepped up to the plate. You are the best!

. If you need a fantastic western trainer in North Carolina please look Jessica Drysdale up at www.DrysdaleHorsemanship.com . She works wonders with any horse. 


  "Then we began to ride. My soul smoothed itself out, a long-cramped scroll freshening and fluttering in the wind." Poet Robert Browning




FOXTROTTERS CAN JUMP! These amazing foxtrotters (who aren't known to be jumping horses) can jump high. Leo and JAKS jump 4 feet high and 3 feet wide. Most horses that jump like this are worth $50,000 or more. Many 17 hand horses cannot jump this high...Leo is 14.3 hands and JAKS is 15 hands. It usually takes a year of training 5 days a week to get one horse to perform like this and some never get this far. Ali has worked with them once a week for 6 months. She gets all the credit for being a fantastic rider and trainer and they get the credit for having the ability and the heart to do it. Check out the video below!

J.A.K.S and Leo jumping 4 feet                                                              

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